Kasia Korzeniecka


Katarzyna Korzeniecka is an illustrator and visual artist. She graduated from ASP Warsaw with a degree in Painting. She is fascinated with wood, water, paper and stone. By juxtaposing the traditional artisan techniques with the modern conceptual approach, she reinterprets natural materials by giving them a new meaning. 


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Her technique of creating illustrations has been called „slow illustration ” – an illustration that is from start to finish made by hand, using complex techniques and precious materials. She also came up with her own technique of creating a marble paper, which she uses to create collages.

Together with photographer Szymon Roginski, who is her life partner, she is a co-author of the campaign for Ania Kuczynska – O MIA O SS 2009 for which they won Gold at the KTR advertising awards. The project had brought her recognition as a great achievement and was widely published in Poland and in the world.

She is happy the most when she is working.

Clients: Ania Kuczynska, Antykwariat KwadrygaSklep & Bar Syrena, Cucina Popolare

Editorials: The Sunday Times-Spectrum Magazine, Gestalten, Nowa Moda Polska, Karakter, Zoner Press, Usta Magazine, Zwykle Zycie

Photographers: Szymon Roginski, Jacek Kołodziejski, Magda Wunsche, Zuza Krajewska, Bartek Wieczorek, Igor Omulecki, Artur Wesołowski

Solo exhibitions: Tampere, Budapest, Warsaw, Lublin, Bialystok, Zielona Gora

Group exhibitions: London, Paris Photo, Kijow, Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Poznan

Ania Kuczynska

- O Mia O, SS09

Marble Paper

- hand made

Fair + Trade

- Kikimora Magazine

German Dogs

- papercraft


- Hand-cut marble paper assembled manually
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